Sculpture – The Imagined Figure

Location:  Ruberto Ostberg Gallery 2108 – 18 Street NW

Dates:         April 28 & 29    2018


Time:          9:00am to 4:00pm   1 hour lunch

Cost:           $240

In this workshop you will create a clay figure, cartoon or maquette from imagination.  Using anatomy reference and your imagination you will create a small scale torso in clay. This workshop will include all the tools you will need to create your figure. Registrants to the workshop can work from imagination or a variety of sources such as pictures, books or photographs. This workshop will enhance your knowledge of human anatomy as well as your understanding of clay construction. Previous experience in working with the figure is recommended.

Students may enroll by contacting me at or by calling at 403-239-9595

This course includes all tools (students may bring their own wood modeling tools)